Why Need a Mobile Friendly Website ?

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What is the need of a Mobile website....

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While a mobile-friendly site is still needed, it certainly has gotten easier. Smart phones these days have a screen resolution of 800+ pixels wide which, for me, was the standard width of a web page anyway up until a little bit ago. Plus, the phones have easy to use panning and zooming making it easy to navigate a website larger than the screen quite easy.

I think the main thing to consider with mobile visitors would be high-bandwidth content and flash.

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Building a completely separate mobile website is kind of at the extreme end of mobile-friendly websites. You can simply add a mobile stylesheet to make it display better on mobile devices.

The complicating factor is the number of different devices and software, and they all handle things differently. Opera goes so far as to say that developers shouldn't worry about how things display on other devices - they will take care of it.

There was a good article at A List Apart on this last year:


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Hello guys thanks for the reply.

is this mobile website design is different from normal website design?

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Most of people appear to be so busy that sometimes they need to find the information they need with the help of mobile phone.

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