What else i need to do for a better performance of my website: http://www.packersmoverspunerates.in/

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Hey All,
Hope you all are doing good.
One of my friend having a small website design by one small company and it is specially to compare service and offer you the top 3 packers and movers in Pune location. Here is my website:
We are trying to make this site more batter, SEO friendly and more reachable to maximum user.
So if you have any suggestion and better solution please let me know.
However, we are working for the keyword of Packers and Movers Pune

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Change your design. Your slider is a bit too little.
Create social media accounts and gain followers and likes. Build trust and audience.
Share your news, events or promotions regularly in all your social media profiles.

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I thinks:
- Too much words
- Design change a little bit also ok
- Meta title tags good for SEO
- Focus on meta description

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