Website header sizes?

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I am just wondering what image sizes are desirable to have for website header?

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I wouldn't do a height of more than 150px. The width is more debatable. I usually go with 1000px wide which makes your page easily viewable on screen resolutions 1024x768 and up.

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I agree 98% with pr0gr4mm3r

1000px is a safe width.

Height might depend on header content, how important it is. In general, you don't want to spend much of that precious vertical screen space.

Another option is make the header a container like a div then make your background image repeat, depending on screen size (if it is fluid...)

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I usually have a height of around 140 to 150 with the width being 740 for sales pages and 800 to 900 for blogs although i am tempted to go wider.

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I generally agree with the above but it also depends on the site. You could decide to make a big impact with a huge header.

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it's all depand on you what you want and what is your client requirement according requirement you should design your pages and no compromise on page beauty.

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