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How can i get professional web templates except templatemonster, dreamtemplate? and i also want some flash menus, navigation & transition effects?

Thank You.

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Hmm, I can refer you to CSSTemplateMarket, they have clean and well made templates as for flash menus, I have no idea but in CSS menu generator, maybe I have on my resources, Try cssmenugenerator.

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Hello guys, i am a newbie here and on the web design so it may look stupid my question but what a template is? "If u ask u look stupid for 5 min, if u dont ask u are stupid forever":)

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Template Monster.com offers web templates and flash templates. You can refer to this site for professional web templates. This site also offers hilarious discounts also. FreeWebTemplates.com also offers 5670 Free website templates. They also have links to many other professional web templates.

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To get that search by write "download free template monster, dream template". Then you see lot of result. Second, go online tutorial site to learn flash menus, navigation & transition effects etc. Thanks.

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it is great,i will as a reference

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I recommend http://freedesignertemplates.com/ It is easy to install, customize.. you can get professional templates.

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Even I recommend Template Monster.com and stumble upon too gives great ideas. Hope it helps.

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