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I am working in a project of updating a website which has been made using jquery,hhtml, css3, Ajax etc. It has been customized using a word press theme. Will i be updating the website with word press. Does that mean i will be asking my hosting company which has created the website for instructions about word press? Thanks for the assistance.

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It depends on what exactly you will be updating.

If you will just be updating the actual content on the site, then most likely (if set up correctly) you will just be using the admin section of wordpress (though a web browser). The "how to use" this should have been instructed to you (or your company) when the site launched. If not there are many tutorial sites on managing wp-admin. When in doubt, don't click on things you are not sure of, as depending on how the admin was setup (what permissions may have been locked down), you could make the site unusable with some settings.

Now, if it is the main template of the site and/or images used in the site outside of "content" and things controlled by plugin's, then you will need some type of access to the server to actually edit the files, such as FTP (preferably SFTP), and worse case, you can edit the files (depending on server setup) from wordpress as well, but, ouch!

There are some things that can be in both of those above types, just depends on setup. Without seeing the site and knowing what you are editing, hard to advise. First line would be to ask whoever had setup the site. If they are not available, then yes, go to hosting to ask about how to access the site, but unless they set the site up for you to begin with, they are probably not going to help much with how to actually update the site (can be liability issues fi they advise wrong without fully knowing everything about the site).

Good luck!


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WP is ok..However, I prefer to use drupal. It seem to be more security.

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@Proweb365: Yarh..you may ask hosting company for help if you don't have experience on that. WP CMS is ok. Many people are using WP at this time.

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Drupal is more preferable because its more secure and reliable. so i suggest you to go for drupal.

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I dont think that drupal is more secure. it is just that there are fewer sites with drupal so we dont hear the horrible stories.

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