swf file won't show up when uploaded to ftp

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I can not figure out why my swf file will not show up when I upload it to the server. It works fine when I view it from the browser from dreamweaver but I can not see it when I upload it to the host. I have it embedded on the index as Main.swf but it will not show up. Please help. Thanks!


p.s...... I can see the swf file here http://www.js-promotions.com/Main.html

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When I just looked, the file that did word called the movie "Main.swf", the home page was calling "Untitled Project/run-local/Main.swf" (which if you browse to it, gives a 404 error)

The two were not calling the same file.


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Thanks bro! I put everything in the root folder so it should have just been Main.swf. Thanks so much!!!!

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