Shockwave (.swf) use/practicality in WebPages

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Hello, I use shockwave objects on my site and plan to include many more, but I have some confusion
as to their compatibility with the average computer.

According to a 2011 study by adobe, only 42 percent of internet enabled pc's have flash player. See link:
Your text to link...

This, however, does not reflect my experience on other computers. Nearly every computer I have used has had shockwave compatibility. I tried computers at my apartment, my college, and my parents house and they all could play the shockwave animations on my site.

Can anyone explain this to me? This statistic just doesn't seem right.

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I tried the conversion anyway and not * sound * both conversions. However, the sound was very poor with the formats and WMV format (the one recommended Bytescout of) the video image is reversed!

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