Photoshop Chrome Text Tutorial

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I have been trying to get this Photoshop Chrome Text Tutorial to work for me and I am having no luck -

Can anyone else get it to work because I am not sure if it is just my crap photoshop skills or if the tutorial is wrong.

Any help would be gratefully received.

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that tutorial is crap!!!
there are missing instructions.

the easiest way I can teach you is
to make a layer for the Letter.
right click on the layer then rasterize it.
after that right click on the same layer then
choose blending options
click on bevel and emboss, adjust the options to your preference.
- technique - you may choose chisel hard
- Depth
- size
- soften
click on contour
- you can change the contour picker
- and also increase range

just play with it... it may not look like the exact chrome on the tutorial but this is just an alternative.

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