How to Learn PHP & MYSQL online

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Hi Friends,

I want to learn PHP & MYSQL to build dynamic websites from scratch to get a job in desired field so let me know the resources to learn PHP & MYSQL. I had found some websites but not efficient for beginners to learn so i am looking best collection of websites.

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You can go to,, and for free tutorials.
For demo tutorials, visit youtube and search for mysql database and php tutorials for CRUD function

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You could find any tutorial from youtube. Just watch those and practice a lot and always keep in touch with a professional who instruct you how to practice and show you the errors you are making. You can't teach programming without taking some tutoring. For online source you can try -, w3schools, codeacademy.

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Well, you can start learning the basics of PHP first. You can learn it on Just get basic knowledge and understanding of PHP. Once you are confident you can start writing simple programs or application which does not involve a database. After that learn MYSQL or any database and do some simple login and authentication application. Once you think you can carry on with more complex applications, then work on middle or big application projects.

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there has many youtube channel to learn PHP and MySql. and you can learn PHP step by step from w3school

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