How to do responsive design?

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Hi friends,

Any easy method to do responsive design using slider,so please give me a suggestion...

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Could you be more specific? Please provide some more details as to what you're trying to achieve.

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Well, they never posted anything since their only post here back 7 months ago... They probably already figured it out and/or won't be back to read this...

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Good point. Need to take more notice of these little details Smiling

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It would be a useful topic to discuss though (responsive design in general). We could start a new topic with a better intro.

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That could be a useful topic to have. This should be the norm for most websites by now, but a lot of developers are still struggling to adapt to mobile/tablet devices (myself included) and could benefit from these kinds of discussions.

All the best news here:

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I normally use something like Bootstrap.. but i'm still wondering... are there actually rules for responsiveness, because i always use media queries -.-

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Well, Bootstap and Laravel are OK. Yes, a good point for me too doing media queries... we never know, there will more future big changes aside to this responsive website topics as of nowadays..

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I have a website ..
I want this website to be responsive. any ideas?

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Bootstrap is best for Web Design to make responsive. through the making of responsive you can get top position in search engine which is very good for any business oriented company. bootstrap is easy to make your Website design responsive.

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If you want to design a responsive site than you can use any CSS framework like bootstrap or skeleton etc.And with the help of media queries you are able to achieve you ultimate goal.

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I think Bootstrap could be the best for the Responsive Wen Design.

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Yup! Bootstrap could be best but possibly framework for responsive web designs having some limitations also. Take expert advice from web service providers: Web development firm

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What platform are your website made from? You didn't mention anything like that. Anyway in my personal experiences i normally use Bootstrap to design my website.

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Sometimes it can be difficult to get started on a new approach to designing and building websites, especially when dealing with Responsive Design and trying to break out of the mould.

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If it's a WordPress website you can automatically get the responsive templates, HTML you should do it on manually for accession all kind of devices

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