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I cannot get my links to work. Do I need to name them something special? Do they get uploaded to the same ftp area? Help, I am very new at this and can't figure it out

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Hi there,
This seems like a simple enough problem.
Your link:

It seems that your HTML editor is using the local path on your hard drive. When on the internet this no longer works as there is no Program Files folder on your site. I initially thought that the link should be:

...sadly no luck there, or with:

Hopefully you can see where you seem to be going wrong, if not just ask again and I will be happy to explain in more detail.
Have a nice day and good luck!

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Hi Sheila,

May I suggest a visit to Professional Web Design at for their tutorials. They have three that work really well to get you into writing html and if you will work through all three you will understand html quite well.

(By the way I am in no way affiliated with this site. I just learned all my basic html skills from the tutorials)

Good luck

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Dear Sheilafg,

You can make the link simple enough with any txt editor by using the HTML below.

You would need to edit the "text" to read what you want.

<P><A HREF="">This
is the text you want to make the link to</A></P>


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