GIMP as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

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Is GIMP good for web design? I want to learn web design but i have no money to buy an Adobe Photoshop so i thought maybe GIMP is enough to begin with? I would really appreciate ANY advice!

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Gimp is good but its not better than Adobe Photoshop. The affects can show in Photoshop cant be in Gimp. But for Linux user Gimp is the option and the main thing its free.

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GIMP stands for GNU image manipulation program and it is one of the most well know alternatives to Photoshop in existence.GIMP is a free photo- editing tool .

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GIMP is definitely good. It may even be the best free alternative to photoshop. Some differences here and there, but for most applications it's pretty useful.

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GIMP is good for web design. It's free. However, if you can afford Photoshop, I suggest you purchase one. By the way, there's still a cheaper alternative. You can have Photoshop Elements. It's cheaper and has 90% of what Photoshop CS5 has. The other 10% can be achieved through some tricks and techniques.

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An open source image manipulation tool mainly developed for Linux based users. For Windows and Mac based OSs, It's not the perfect alternative to Photoshop now, being as open source software there will be a chance to become perfect alternative in future but now Photoshop is much much better than GIMP but in Linux OS environment GIMP is very popular image manipulation software that doesn’t have any bigger competitor for it.

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