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We have a website with translation links on them. We'd like the text links to read in the native language. For example;

english francais deutsch italiano portugues espanol japanese korean chinese

However, to get the Japanese, Korean and Chinese to read in their native languages we'd need that character set installed to create that text as an image to display on site. Correct?

Any thoughts on a quick cheap solution for this? Hopefully someone on the forum may have these installed and could help us out.


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No need to get so complicated. It sounds like you are on Windows, where Asian fonts are not normally installed on western boxes. Do this:

1. Open the Control Panel.
One way to do this is to open "My Computer" and choose "Control Panel"
from "Other Places" on the left. You may have to click on the "Folders"
icon at the top in order to see it.

2. Choose "Regional and Language Options" from the list.
You may have to choose "Switch to Classic view" from the left side
in order to see it.

3. Select the "Languages" tab from the "Regional and Language Options"
menu. Check the box marked "Install files for East Asian Languages."

4. Click "Apply." Let the language fonts install.

Hope this helps.

Cordially, David
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Thanks webwiz - you're a star. I did this then copied the results of a Google translate into Illustrator to make the language images.

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