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Hello , I am trying to create a simple flash banners that scroll or switch -3 total. I am new to Flash but is there anywhere I can go to get the scroll through action scripts?

I am looking to create something like the Flash used for www.darkhorse.com


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You shouldn't need ActionScript to do this. Just use the time line, and change the opacity at key frames.

Have you had a look at the help that comes with Flash? There're some tutorials there that will show you how to do exactly this sort of thing.

Sorry no-one has replied to your post sooner. Smiling

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Yes opacity will help with dissolves, but for linear animation I think you need to use tweening.

Here is an old banner I made just with tweening.

I don't do much flash work anymore, I find it more economical to subcontract it, but I still like the retro B&W space opera feel of this banner.

[note: client never responded after I created it - maybe he was trying to rip me off!]

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