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What is external Style Sheet? How to use it a website or link with other pages.

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An external style sheet is ideal when the style is applied to many pages. Each page must link to the style sheet using the tag. The tag goes inside the head section:

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In external style sheet , we state all rules of styling in a separate sheet and link it to the pages to which we want to apply the style. This type of styling is ideal when we want to apply same style to many web pages. At the head section of each page we include the code to link the CSS.

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external stylesheet is a type of stylesheet which is designed apart from source file. And just by a single file you can provide style to different source code pages.
There is need to connect that style sheet through link HTML tag. This file has extension .css

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When using CSS it is preferable to keep the CSS separate from your HTML. Placing CSS in a separate file allows the web designer to completely differentiate between content (HTML) and design (CSS). External CSS is a file that contains only CSS code and is saved with a ".css" file extension.

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It's a good practice to use external CSS,external javascript as much as possible to improve html page readability and to avoid code clutter. Whereever needed we link the external css file in the pages.

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