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Someone at work just shared this site that has a pretty good color wheel.

It has lots of options, including samples of pages with he colors you are choosing and also filters for different vision problems like colorblindness.


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My favorite color wheel is ColorJack.

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These are nice!

My idea if a color is #FF0000 (or maybe #0f0) Sticking out tongue

a little off topic, perhaps you would enjoy my

Ultimate Original JavaScript ColorShow

I created ... 8 years ago?

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Good old Smiling

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pr0gr4mm3r wrote:
Good old :)

Yeah, I started out way before Yahoo bought GeoCities - when I joined you actually explored a virtual neighborhood to find a vacant lot to build your site (how quaint) - I chose the Lakes district of SiliconValley and found a vacancy at #6131 - the URL still works:

For ten years I "enjoyed" free hosting, adapting to various scripts that the admins added that broke mine - pure DHTML, no PHP, no MySQL - and when I finally filled the alloted space (10MB) I decided to grow up and get a "real" hosting plan...

But I am fond of GeoCities and I pushed the limits of client-side programming pretty far there... Laugh

Oh, and a designer friend once said, "... awful design like GeoCities ..." Sticking out tongue

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Great find there Greg! That particular colour schemer has been around for years - around when I first started - but the link seems to change all the time.

Nice to see that it has found a home - hopefully Laughing out loud

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Cheers Greg, that adds a little more option to the one I have used for years. I rely on that as usually I just want a lighter or darker shade for borders etc, and the lighten/darken buttons are pretty useful.

Although, I usually have The Gimp open anyway, so often use the colour selector in that.

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Wow, filtering for colorblindness, that is very high tech. I really like the color scheme designer, it's visual and interactive. I can never get comfortable with the color tables that have each color segmented by node, the colors should always be on a color wheel, in my opinion, where the color is a continuum, not a chart. Thanks for sharing.

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Greg- that's a GREAT link, just wanted to say thanks for posting it. I have been using for a while, but was never really happy with seemed to generate some fairly bizarre color combinations sometimes. Now I can clearly see I've been using the wrong tool all this time. I like that Color Scheme Designer a lot.

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Hex colour finder is also a handy bit of kit, its a freeware program that you can use to eyedrop any colour from your desktop or browser and it returns the hex code for it and RGB code.

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Wow, cool color wheel. I loved the 300 degree Hue color.

I am more of a soft and gentle colors.

I will definitely use these color schemes.


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Very amusing ! I found the color wheel very interesting. Thanks.

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yeh I visited a similar kind of site earlier.they give a lot of innovative color composition ideas

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That's a fantastic resource. Thanks a lot for the link.

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Wow, I just joined a few hours ago. and a big thank you to Greg and teammatt for posting those. I really like color jack, way better then photoshop's tool!

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This is very useful for me. I really like this color wheel. With that wheel I can choose to many colours. and the options that provided in this wheel that mono, complement, triad, etc are very good for designers.

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