APC Article: How to create a multi-column, widgitized footer for Wordpress

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Inspired by a recent forum topic, the latest article at A Padded Cell explains how to create a multi-column footer in Wordpress. My homepage shows an example of this technique.

Multi-column footers are a big trend in web design these days. It's a great way to provide more information and links to visitors without cluttering up the top part of your layout. On content pages, this information appears just when the user has finished reading your article, leading them to find more great content on your site and other ways to interact. This article will show you how to make a 3- 4- or more-column, wigitized footer in Wordpress.

Read the article here:


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Nice article!

Plenty of info as well as examples as always !

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Hi there,

Wonderful article, tyvm!

I have a small issue if anyone has a solution or suggestion?

Please see the footer here: http://loadnewmedia.com/public/1.jpg

it appears staggered, how can i fix this, I am sure it is something simple vut i don't know enough to fix it Sad


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Would you be able to post a working link so we can see what's happening in the code? Did you use the #chunkyfooter div that was in the article? Does it have clear: both on it?

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Or, you can easily choose a theme that already supported such features!

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