Anyone know what JavaScript (?) this is?

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I'd like to know what kind of script uses to create the sliding DIV thingy on the top of their site ("Learn", "Hot Features" etc).

I've had a look around some scripts sites but didn't find anything, although I could swear I've seen it before.. I'm just not sure what to call it/what to search for. I've also had a look at their source code, but without much luck.

Anyone got any idea?

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Which site did you see this on? It's probably using a javascript library, like JQuery.

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I don't know what site you are talking about, but you can find out what any page uses by using "View > Source" from your browser's menu.

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please post like to your model site.
I am also curious on it.

Just to give you idea, I recently looking for a javascript for automatic multiple image swap and the solution is a jaquery.


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