Anyone here on Macromedia Fireworks MX2004?

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I know it is an old software released by Macromedia a few years back but it still do wonder for making my images on my site! Even though the company has been bought over by Adobe, support of the product is still available through the website.

Is anyone here on Fireworks? If not, what software are you using for coming up with your graphic for your sites?

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I have used Fireworks in the past. There's nothing wrong with using older versions. In fact, sometimes the newer versions aren't much different from the old ones. Most tutorials would work fine in slightly older versions.

I mostly use the gimp and inkscape now to create graphics. This site was designed using Inkscape. I like the vector approach best for web design because it most closely approximates what you can do with CSS. Sometimes I'll use the gimp though, depending on the project.

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