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Hi Everyone:

Does anyone know of a free graphing program that is good, and can make quality graphics?

I have tried Paint Shop from but it expired on me, and wont let me in.

I can't use Adobe Photo Shop because the free version wont let you save any work.

I like Macromedia Fireworks, but I need something for free in the mean time until I can come up with the $269.


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Slightly awkward subject here I as cannot recommend you use a program, such as Paint Shop Pro, when it's license has expired.

However I can tell you that PSP4 will continue to be fully functional even after 30 days while PSP5 will only work for 60 days.
PSP5 is a very good graphics program that also comes bundled with an Animated Gif program. PSP5 can be bought for approx $99 US, more information at or .

If you do use PSP4 please buy it once the license period has expired.

I have firewroks myself, but sill use PSP musch more often - I feel much more comfortable with it

Hope that helps Curtis.


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