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Hi Guys

I want to use small photo's of our products as desktop icons.

I don't want to open a program with the icon but I do want it to go to a certain webpage when clicked.

I know lots of you will be saying "Why not just have a bookmark page script".

Two reasons,

1. You would need to look for the bookmark, a little icon of our product on the desktop would serve as an instant reminder and instant access.

2. Could be easily attached to an email to a friend or to display on a blog and the file size I hope would be smaller.

I would be starting with a photo, so need to know how to make the background transarent to start with, which type of file to save as to be able to display on desktop, then what to do to enable a double click to open a certain webpage.

Anyone know where to begin with this one, Is there a pprogram out there that will do the lot?

Look forward to your suggestions