what exactly is sql?

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Most of you know im not very smart in this webmaster stuff, but what is sql? I have no clue


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Structured Query Language.

But that's probably way less info than you were looking for. Smiling You might try Wikipedia's page on the subject:

Plenty of links in there to related subjects as well.

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As Mr. Priebe pointed out, SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is a type of code used by programs to communicate with a relational database server. SQL is not a product of a particular company; common servers include MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.

In general, you can think of a SQL database to be similar to a giant spreadsheet. A database can contain one or more tables, each of which contain fields and records. A table can be thought of as similar to a spreadsheet, a field similar to a column, and a record is similar to a row in a spreadsheet application.

However, unlike a spreadsheet, a database can be accessed by more than one person (or web site visitor) at a time. There are a few sources you may wish to review for more information, including:

Suppose you have a simple database, called Directory, that includes three fields:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • City

A simple SQL query to list every record in the database would be:
SELECT * FROM Directory;

However, you can do interesting things such as only return results from a particular city with:
SELECT Name, Phone FROM Directory WHERE City LIKE 'Atlanta';

Clearly SQL can be used for much more interesting things than the above simple examples. I hope this helps.

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Frank R.

Author of SQL Converter for Excel, which is an Excel add-in for converting data to MySQL.

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MySQL is one of the most popularly used open source databases, and it's popular coz' it's free (of course if you've extensive requirements, it may no longer remain free). I guess too many people have already given the definition of SQL so i need not do it Smiling

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