Set variable in MySQL

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I'm playing with triggers in MySQL (5.0.27) and I'm using the MySQL Query browser to do it. However, when it comes to setting variables, the GUI just can't handle it for some reason. If I do something like this:

SET @testing = 5;
SELECT @testing;

I get one NULL row returned. However, if I do the same thing in the mysql command line, it works just fine.

Does the GUI just not handle variables? Or do I need to switch something on? I just don't get it...

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See what you mean. I think the problem is that the Query Browser can't run two queries sequentially, you have to enter/run the queries individually. Also, if you miss out the SET statement the result is the same: a blank line.

Everything else works, you can still write triggers, functions, views etc. just use the command line for testing. Good

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I suggest t use Toad for MySQL to work with this things like triggers or procedures.

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