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Hello everyone,

I do not know if this is the right categorie for my quation but I want to create a simple 2 paged website where you can type someones name (first and last name) if the person is in the database there will pop up a picture(s) and some information about that person.
The goal is to get a pretty big database w people.

Does anyone know how to created this, some keywords that can help me w research how to do this or what progrem will work best to create this?

Thanks in advance

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You will need a server side language for this. Pretty much any can accomplish this, but I prefer PHP. If you go that route, check out http://www.phptherightway.com/ and read through at least the first two columns worth of information. It will seem like a lot, but you will be so far ahead by learning correct ways now.

Basically, you will need to have a database, set up with fields for the person's name, and then also usually another field that lists what file in a directory of images is related to it.

You have a form that people submit, then using that submitted information (via $_POST variable) call a search (query) of the database looking for that name [if you don't read anything else on the above site, make sure you read the database section, that is a big area where poorly written code can make your site hackable].

If there is a match in the database, it will return the field with the image name, so you echo out (give source code to the browser) an tag using that file name to display (with appropriate directory in front, such as /images/)

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