phpMyAdmin and Navicat

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Came across a thread about a program called Navicat that is a GUI to access mySQL databases.

Well, the little I have played with it, it seems nice and robust. However, it (in default install, might be able to change it) allows you to just click on any field/row and edit the value, move out of the field and it updates the database (similar to using MS Access). Too easy for people not knowing to go edit info lol. For things like user databases, i prefer to have to hit EDIT on the row update the fields, and then save it. I prefer the extra steps.

Was wondering if anyone else here has used it. I'm trying the 30 day trial. You can find out more info at

Now, one gripe I do have about about phpMyAdmin. I created a user specifically for this program to use (as you have to make a mySQL user that can access from remote IPs).

Well when I was done for the day, I went in and told it to drop the user I created. You know how on just about anything else when you go to delete data, it first asks you to confirm? Well not on a user. I selected the user, hit DROP USER, and was expecting something to pop up and confirm it... Nope.... just deleted the user!

Imagine if I would have accidently clicked on the "root" user!

Anyhow, my 2 thoughts for the day.


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I had it for 30 days too. I used the ms sql to mysql converter since the mysql driver blows up when it comes across large varchar fields in ms sql. Other than that I didn't use it.

You know you can use MS Access with MySQL? You get most of the features of Access with it getting the data from a MySQL db. It's nice.

Imagine if I would have accidently clicked on the "root" user!

I've done that a few times, back when I didn't really understand how the MySQL user system worked, it doesn't end well.

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Some other client-side programs include MySQL Query Browser & MySQL Administrator.

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I use the TOAD for MySQL. Its free and proffessional. Test it.

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well i was going to try it, but the installer has been stuck on the same thing for 10 minutes.... and won't even let me cancel it, so i guess I'll have to kill it. Sad

I kid you not, right after typing that, it FINALLY continued (and this is not a weak laptop!)

Not too bad, if i would have found it before I found Navicat (and paid for it Wink, would probably use it.

Thanks for the info, btw, for others, here is a link:


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