php - mysql tutorial?

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I am in the process of developing an online business directory website where users can enter their (limited) business information for free and look up other businesses in their area and I need to educate myself on how to go about it. Can someone recommend an online tutorial that can help me to figure out how to start?


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I found Tizag realy usefull
takes you right from the beginning

php tutorial

& MySQL tutorial

the MySQL one is how to use php with it, but expects you to know most of the php tutorial

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Thanks a lot!

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yes, tizag was helpful here as well

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Thanks for the information I was going to ask the same question.

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I used that site a lot and also w3schools. You'll also want to check the PHP manual and the mySQL manual.

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PHP is easier to learn, but like MySQL, it's nothing to play around with as a hobby. Bad things happen if you don't secure your code -- hijackings is "nice" to having your site completely destroyed. So if you want to learn both, I really suggest that you take an online course that stresses more than just making "elegant" code, but grounds you in security. Online tutorials are no substitute for a thorough education of the "dos and don'ts".

A little php, a simple plugin, that isn't harden can literally wipe all your efforts overnight. Can't stress that enough.

There are a number of coding sites online that run self-help clinics. One site like that (with the most difficult programming language of them all -- C++) is Yeah, it's aimed at the game industry, but that industry has to write secure code. It's a place to read on the "dos and don'ts", and get help from folks who's experience is more than just writing net code. Hang out there, and especially go through their recommended books section (and at least get yourself 2 books: current edition of a php security book; and a current edition of one on MySQL 4.1+ or better MySQL 5.x.x), to get yourself upto snuff on the correct way to approach coding. Learned more in one day at that site, than a week following tut links, despite it's market aim.

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Thanks for the post.

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Better you learn PHP or other wise... some one suggested you to take the help of Tizag, also you can use w3schools too...
Hope it will be useful to you.

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best tutotrals are avaiable at this site

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If you search on net then you will find some good and useful PHP tutorials which are definitely beneficial for you. But if you don’t have any time to search on different resources then just open W3schools which is the best site for learning developing.

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I high recommend you to use w3school tutorial site which is one of the best tutorial site to learn programming language. It is one of the best tutorial site to learn php and mysql. It explain good detail of all subject with easy language that really helpful to easily learn php and mysql.

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If U really need php tutorials then you can visit .It's a online tutorial site.

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thanks a lot !!!

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Php is server scripting language and mysql is database server both are easy to use. To get the knowledge online about that use site.

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Here's a link that you can use I always use that, i think its good for tutorials. Smiling

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I would also like to suggest w3schools is the best platform to learn more about php and mysql. And it is completely free online service.
A few paid service I know are

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When you are going to an online search or googled this query, you have lots of resources there and you have to choose the best from these as per your understanding ability. But I would suggest you w3shool and php manual with sql, tizag also good for your req.

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I think to try ofline first, with Xampp application, Dreamweaver or notepad ++, with a MySQL database, it will be easier for you to change anything that does not want .. really appreciate the feedback.


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