NOABL - UK Wind Speed Database

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Hi Guys,

I have an interesting problem if anyone fancies a shot at it.
This database was built in the 1980's and has; I'm guessing about 10'000 entries. I need to make a simple app for a wind prospector to search the database and retrieve the locations of high wind-speeds.

It is built on the back of the Ordnance Survey 6 digit locations (SS7456 for example) a full OS ref has 8 digits of course.

My question/challenge is how should I re-work this data to make it suitable for a modern web script to access?

My initial thought was to trudge through marking it up with xml tags between each string set and then parse the strings with java-script or something but even that will take ages! any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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I was looking at the data files (Chose the first of the two downloadable ones). While I could see how to get it into a database to use, I think I would need to know more about how you are using the data for best way to store it. From what I was reading there were 100 speed listings per location (per height), so do you need EACH of these to be searchable (store 100 records for each place), or do you just want to store key data (ie. Min/Max/Ave).


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