[Native code: 1030] [Native message: Got error 28 from storage engine]

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I am running an OpenX ad server on a dedicated server.

All has been well, I managed to set it all up. The only issue now is I am getting this error: [Native code: 1030]
[Native message: Got error 28 from storage engine]

From a bit of reading around, it appears I have run out of disk space. Not sure if this means the partition disk space or the server disk space. Everything is working fine other than i get this error when i try and query mysql.

Has anyone got any idea how to resolve this? My SSH is not that great so i have been trying to ran some commands to check the disk usage and how large the /tmp directory is.

any help or advice appreciated.

UPDATE: i used the command df -h to see all partitions and if any were 100% full. And SDA1 was full. I will reallocate some disk space from SDA2 to SDA1. Not sure how yet.

CHECK OUT MY ATTACHMENT OF DISK ALLOCATION. /home is fine its just sda1 on / but I dont know what is in there?

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You can't resize the sda1 partition because it contains the root directory (the slash). You will have to do it with a live CD. This article explains how to do it.

You could get away with not resizing, if you moved some files over into /home (which is the big partition of your hard drive). If, for example, your websites are in /var/www someplace, you can move them over into /home (you would have to change your web server config files too). But I'd recommend making your root partition bigger; you will keep running into this space problem if you don't.

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This is a apparently an error code recieved when you have run out of memory.

However, I have checked all of my limits and capacity etc. and I don't think I've gone over any of them.

Any advice?

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