MySQL on XAMPP on CentOS6

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I am trying to install a program on Xampp (in Centos 6) and I get the error that I listed below. I am not sure whats wrong, because I just went to PHPMyAdmin, created a table called 001 and it was all that I needed to do. I looked at the info, but it is kind of hard to figure it out at this point. Does anybody have an idea what it is?
Thank you.

Fatal Error
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'TYPE=MyISAM' at line 49
CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS tx_galleries ( `gallery_id` INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, `gallery_url` TEXT, `description` TEXT, `keywords` TEXT, `thumbnails` INT, `email` CHAR(128), `nickname` CHAR(128), `weight` INT NOT NULL, `clicks` INT NOT NULL, `submit_ip` CHAR(16), `gallery_ip` CHAR(16), `sponsor_id` INT, `type` ENUM('submitted','permanent'), `format` ENUM('pictures','movies'), `status` ENUM('submitting','unconfirmed','pending','approved','used','holding','disabled'), `previous_status` ENUM('submitting','unconfirmed','pending','approved','used','holding','disabled'), `date_scanned` DATETIME, `date_added` DATETIME NOT NULL, `date_approved` DATETIME, `date_scheduled` DATETIME, `date_displayed` DATETIME, `date_deletion` DATETIME, `partner` CHAR(32), `administrator` CHAR(32), `admin_comments` TEXT, `page_hash` CHAR(32), `has_recip` TINYINT NOT NULL, `has_preview` TINYINT NOT NULL, `allow_scan` TINYINT NOT NULL, `allow_preview` TINYINT NOT NULL, `times_selected` INT NOT NULL, `used_counter` INT NOT NULL, `build_counter` INT NOT NULL, `tags` TEXT, `categories` TEXT, INDEX(`gallery_url`(100)), INDEX(`date_added`), INDEX(`date_approved`), INDEX(`date_displayed`), INDEX(`date_scheduled`), INDEX(`clicks`), INDEX(`page_hash`), INDEX(`email`), INDEX(`submit_ip`), INDEX(`sponsor_id`), FULLTEXT(`description`,`keywords`), FULLTEXT(`keywords`), FULLTEXT(`tags`), FULLTEXT(`categories`) ) TYPE=MyISAM

trigger_error in mysql.class.php on line 181
Update in install.php on line 174
CreateTables in install.php on line 59
Initialize in install.php on line 372

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