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Hey, I have a problem, which i can't figure out..
I have one form from which i am inserting the info into three separate form in mysql. Everything works fine, with exception to the first form, where the last two colums are not filled in. I cannot figure it out why is it so.

Hope somebody will give me some advice.

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Hi kei, welcome to TWF Smiling

Can you post your SQL statement to insert the form data?

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Hi! Thanks and in advance want to apologize if there were spelling mistakes in the previous post... (blush)

So, here is the code:

$fn = $_POST['fn'];
$en = $_POST['en'];
$email = $_POST['email'];
$mnr = $_POST['mnr'];
$adr = $_POST['adr'];
$pnr = $_POST['pnr'];
$town = $_POST['town'];
$land = $_POST['land'];

$mark = $_POST['mark'];
$model = $_POST['model'];
$snr = $_POST['snr'];
$size = $_POST['size'];

$f = $_POST['f'];
$fid = $_POST['fid'];
$date = $_POST['date'];

$sql_0 = "INSERT INTO Personoplysninger (Fornavn, Efternavn, Email, Mobilnr, Adresse, Postnr, Town, Land) VALUES ('".$fn."', '".$en."', '".$email."', '".$mnr."', '".$adr."', '".$pnr."', '".$town."', '".$land."')";
//execute query
$exec = mysql_query($sql_0, $con);

die('Could not insert into personoplysninger: \n' . mysql_error());
}else{echo 'Inserted successfully into personoplysninger \n';}
//create query
//insert into harddiskoplysninger table
$sql_1 = "INSERT INTO Harddiskoplysninger(Maerke, Model, Serienr, Storrelse) VALUES ('".$mark."', '".$model."', '".$snr."', '".$size."')";
$exec = mysql_query($sql_1, $con);


die("Could not insert into harddiskoplysninger: \n" . mysql_error());
}else{ echo "Inserted successfully into harddiskoplysninger \n";}

//create query
//insert into salgssted table
$sql_2 = "INSERT INTO Salgssted(Forhandler, Forhandler_ID, Dato_for_kob) VALUES ('".$f."', '".$fid."', '".$date."')";
$exec = mysql_query($sql_2, $con);

die("Could not insert into salgssted: \n" . mysql_error());
}else{echo "Inserted successfully into salgssted \n";}

As you can see, I have three forms. Everything works just fine with all the fields, but in the first form the last two fields - Town and Land - they just do not want to go into the db table Sad And I really cannot figure out why, as I am using the same code.

The MySQL version is 5, the php is 5.2, i think, the coding in the html file is utf-8, in the db is utf-unicode-ci (the universal one)

Thanks in advance for any help! Smiling

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Hi! Thanks and in advance want to apologize if there were spelling mistakes in the previous post... (blush)

Hi kei ,

You have provided accurate solution. Basically i also facing this problem. Thanks for this information.

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