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I am the webmaster for a group with approximately 700 members. I would like to create a secure database to store all of our member information in it. My dad created a File Maker DB but I am not sure how to get it online. It looks as though there is another program that needs to be installed on the server.

Does anyone have any suggestions of a fairly easy way to get a DB online so specific users can access it and I can define what fields are in it?

Thanks in advance Laugh

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Hmmm, can't say I've ever used filemaker. The standard for this sort of thing is MySQL.

There's a raft of tools you can use with MySQL, but often the easiest way to get one is use a host that supports it. Typically you'll find a host will provide PHP, MySQL and will give you a tool called phpMyAdmin (written in PHP) to administrate your database.

Ensure your host has all these things (there aren't many that don't), avoid Microsoft (you might want to setup test servers at home and MySQL/PHP is open source) and you'll be fine! Smiling

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thanks Jeeves. I do have all three and I have a phpbb chat board installed on the site that uses those tools. I have done some modification of the board and via phpmyadmin for the board but I am not experienced enough to create something. Do you know of any docs you could point me to for the first push? Thus far I have been lucky enough to find things online for use on different sites but I am afraid with this my luck is run out.

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See if Filemaker will export the data into csv format. From there, you can import the file directly into mysql. Here's a link with some info:

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