managing web form data

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hi everyone,

this is my first post and i'm glad to be part of the community Smiling

i'm new to web development, so i'm looking for some general pointers/ideas that will help get me closer to a solution. here's what i need:

- a web form that allows users to upload files (mostly Word files and PDFs)
- a database that'll store the form data and associated files
- a way (as automatic as possible) of saving all of the form data submitted over time into a single excel spreadsheet

a couple issues i realize i have to address are validation (client- and server-side) and security. i'd appreciate any suggestions on resources/scripting languages/already existing open-source alternatives that will help me achieve this. please let me know if you need more specifics and thanks in advance!!!

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Welcome!!! dear.. it is very nice to see you in our great community!!! I hope you will find our all questions answer... thanks...

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Hi, they have, I have read your trend somewhere on this forum on mysql database, Please am a newbie when it comes to php and forms, I have created a site with a registration form and and login form and I need a database that will take the data from the registration form and store it, and at the same time when the user login it will bring the their data. to them.I will really appreciate if you can help out.

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Ok, I am having the same problems. I basically am trying to do the same thing. Can anyone help me?

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This is no short answer! Start by doing simple php and mysql tutorials on the web!

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Thank you for starting this post, i really enjoy reading it. I'm sure many people find it helpful for their need. Hope to see more amazing post on your forum.

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