Linking a login form on HTML page to MySQL Database hosted locally on the same domain

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Hello. I am a new HTML5 web developer based in South Africa. I have used the old HTML for a very long time but found it to be kind of limiting in places, then I moved over to Joomla which I found a lot easier and quicker to design with, but the problem with this is it is also limiting as to what can go where.. I used Artisteer to design my Joomla websites in and then always had major issues getting everything to show where it was supposed to.

So then I recently decided to move away from Joomla, and try something like HTML5 which is new and apparently quite powerful and easy to use. I am still designing all my websites in Artisteer as this has an export function to HTML5, although everything designed shows where it is supposed to after exported, I am still completely in the dark as to the code involved to get my Login Form / Registration Form linked to a MySql database, like it used to work on Joomla..

Is there anyone on this forum that would be able to assist me with this please?
Basically what I want to do is:

Take the login form that is shown on the attached picture, and link it to a MySQL Database so that users can register their details into our Database for future mass mailing.

P.S. The new website is designed in HTML5 not Joomla.

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