How to open .sql file in Notepad++

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How can I open a .sql file with notepad++, so that it can be edited?
Also, I made a backup with wp-backup-plugin and got a .sql.gz file... What kind of extension is this and what should I do with it?

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The .gz means that it was GZipped or compressed. Windows can't natively uncompress it, so you need another program to do it. I recommend IZarc for managing compressed filed in Windows.

Once you have the file extracted to wp-backup-plugin.sql, you should be able to open it in Notepad++ like a regular text file. (Right-click the SQL file and select "Edit in Notepad++" if Notepad++ isn't your default text editor)

Be careful though, if it's a large backup file, it may slow down or freeze up your computer when the file is opened.

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Thanks so much for your help! It worked fine Smiling

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Great information guys thanks for sharing with the community!

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Helpful find for me as well. I needed to do that.

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Open notepad and type in the SQL code. When you save the file, save it with a .sql extension - “.sql” and remember to use double quotes when you save it.

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It is a great and simple tool to view and edit any file be it .sql or anything!

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