Best database structure for this example

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I need to create a database of users who will be identified by the following fields: id (primary key), username, password, role.

The role field would be a number that I'm going to use to show information only to certain users (if a user has role 3 he can see information entered by users of level 1, 2 and 3 but not info entered by users of role 4).

Do you think it's better to keep a single table or is it better to split it into 2 tables, the first one containing the fields id, username and password and the second one containing id and role?

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The only reason to split it into another table would be if it were a one-to-many relationship. It doesn't look like a user would have more than one role, so having it all in the same table is best.

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the database wlii not like to be huge and large so you can store all fields with in single table

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