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Hi from newbie!

How have You placed information in user comments, like posts count, registration date? Is this user_stats module (I came from it). Please learn me!

I'm trying set views block in comments but cann't configure contextual filter to show user info in comments.

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I can't find the thread offhand, but this is not a case of regular comments, it is a specific system designed to work as a Bulletin Board

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Kaztur is using our user stats module, which was written for this forum.

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner! There is a way to embed the stats in your template files. Are you on Drupal 6 or 7? In Drupal 6 we are using this:

      <?php print t('<p>!pronoun: !post_count</p> <p>Joined: !join_date</p>',
'!pronoun' => str_replace(
'She has',
'He has',
'They have',
'They have'), _user_stats_gender($comment->uid)),
'!post_count' => l(number_format(user_stats_get_stats('post_count', $comment->uid)) .' posts', 'user/'. $comment->uid .'/track'),
'!join_date' => format_date(user_stats_get_stats('join_date', $comment->uid), 'custom', 'M Y'),

And that renders the "He has: 2,116 posts/Joined: Nov 2003 " as you can see under Greg's photo above.

At first glance that should work in Drupal 7 too (I think ... I'm not sure if or how the user stats module has changed for Drupal 7).

Please let us know if you have any more questions!

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