Ultimate Search Victims

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I still say that we should be emailing them complaining and putting the pressure on them to give back the domain!

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>>Jack-I added your find to the list above.

I just had a brain storm. (maybe more like a brainfarct)Wink

Why don't we get someone with some influence and good writing skills to send Zeldman and some of the other big name web desingner hang-outs an e mail and see if he/they will post what has happened on his site and others? Now THAT would get some publicity!

I think the webmaster communities should be aware of this. Besides, they are the ones that do most of the dealings with domains....right?

I vote Suzanne for this task. Reckon she would do it? If not, it was a good thought while it lasted.Wink

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Definitely Suzanne or Megan for the writing of the article, they are best at writing IMO. We need to get this problem out there for everyone to be aware of and stop them as it could happen to anyone!

Julia - if life was meant to be easy Michael Angelo would have painted the floor....

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I was thinking about doing that but we really ought to wait until we have some sort of official word from Chad. Zeldman would be one to go to, also Webmonkey, and I'm not sure what else.

Anyone remember Smart Tags? When news of those came out the influential webmaster sites raised a big stink and MS seems to have dropped that idea. If we all raised a big enough fuss about domain name theft and mysterious expirations etc. maybe the registrars would smarten up.

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You are right Meg. Also, two heads would be better than one on the article(s) if that takes place. I was just thinking of Suzannes aggressiveness....in a feminine way of course (mean ole thing--haha)Wink

Boy, TWF is hopping this AM isn't it?
If you want something done right......well, us girls know the rest of the story. LOL I think that could be attributed to the nesting instinct though.

opps..I almost forgot busy, our hero, was in the last nights mass mailing too./

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I'd be happy to write some of the more popular folks with the news, but I need to know what that news is.

If there is a legal recourse for Chad/TWF, we need to see that through. And until we hear from Chad, we shouldn't do anything directly against Ultimate Search.

As riled as we all are by this, the best plan of action right now is to simply spread the word about the new working address.

Tell anyone you know, people you used to see on the forums and don't see them anymore, go to their sites and send them a message that the address has changed.

We can't reach everyone because some people don't allow their email address to be used, some don't allow for admin mailouts, et cetera, but we want to reach as many people as possible.


Smiling Suzanne

P.S. Passing on the news that TWF lost its domain name, here's the new address, can be done by anyone. We've emailed anyone with email listed who have posted, but there are a legion of lurkers out there that apparently haven't heard, despite a mailout from Chad. If there is another mailout, you can expect to get two messages, lol.

Maybe we can change our tagline to "Come for the controversy, stay for the technical help..." Laughing out loud

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done a little digging, maybe this info will help getting your domain back


  Search, Ultimate  <a href="mailto:dns@ultsearch.com" class="bb-email">dns@ultsearch.com</a>
  Ultimate Search
  GPO Box 7862
  Central, HK  na
  Phone: 852-2537-9677
  Fax: 852-2537-9677


inetnum: -
netname:     PINGAN-HK
descr:       Pingan.com Ltd
descr:       Rm 1302, CRC Protective Tower,
descr:       38 Gloucester Rd,
descr:       Wanchai
country:     HK
admin-c:     PHNO1-AP
tech-c:      PHNO1-AP
rev-srv:     ns2.hkt.net
rev-srv:     ns1.hkt.net
notify:      <a href="mailto:dbmon@apnic.net" class="bb-email">dbmon@apnic.net</a>
mnt-by:      MAINT-HKT
changed:     <a href="mailto:hostmaster@apnic.net" class="bb-email">hostmaster@apnic.net</a> 20010109
source:      APNIC

role:        PCCW HKT Network Operation Center
address:     2/F Telecom House,
address:     3 Gloucester Rd., Wanchai, Hong Kong.
phone:       +852-2888-2887
fax-no:      +852-2519-7233
e-mail:      <a href="mailto:noc@hkt.net" class="bb-email">noc@hkt.net</a>
admin-c:     CN98-AP
tech-c:      CC318-AP
tech-c:      RK48-AP
tech-c:      NH28-AP
nic-hdl:     PHNO1-AP
notify:      <a href="mailto:carmenc@hkt.net" class="bb-email">carmenc@hkt.net</a>
mnt-by:      MAINT-HKT
changed:     <a href="mailto:carmenc@hkt.net" class="bb-email">carmenc@hkt.net</a> 20010109
source:      APNIC

PingAn.com Limited (PINGAN6-DOM)
   We are unable to parse your address
   Gloucester Road, Wanchai Hong Kong, HK

   Domain Name: PINGAN.COM

   Administrative Contact:
      Fan, Robin  (RFE224) <a href="mailto:robinfan@PINGAN.COM.HK" class="bb-email">robinfan@PINGAN.COM.HK</a>
      Pingan.com Limited
      3rd Floor, Harcourt House, 39 Gloucester
      Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
      23038033 25279800
   Technical Contact:
      Lau, David  (DLZ315) <a href="mailto:davidlau@PINGAN.COM.HK" class="bb-email">davidlau@PINGAN.COM.HK</a>
      PingAn.com Limited
      3rd Floor, Harcourt House, 39 Gloucester
      Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
      23038060 25279800

inetnum: -
netname:     PINGAN-COM-HK
descr:       Internet service Provider
descr:       1302 CRC Protective Tower
descr:       38 Gloucester, Wai Chai
country:     HK
admin-c:     KT69-AP
tech-c:      KT69-AP
mnt-by:      APNIC-HM
changed:     <a href="mailto:hostmaster@apnic.net" class="bb-email">hostmaster@apnic.net</a> 20000516
source:      APNIC

person:      Ken Tam
address:     G/F, 23 Man Lok Street, Hung Hom,
address:     Kowloon, Hong Kong
country:     HK
phone:       +852-25282100
fax-no:      +852-25279800
e-mail:      <a href="mailto:support@pingan.com" class="bb-email">support@pingan.com</a>
nic-hdl:     KT69-AP
mnt-by:      MAINT-NEW
changed:     <a href="mailto:support@pingan.com" class="bb-email">support@pingan.com</a> 20010402
source:      APNIC


inetnum: -
netname:      RSPC-UK-8711-1
descr:        Ultimate Search, Inc.
country:      HK
admin-c:      SB9442-RIPE
tech-c:       SB9442-RIPE
status:       ASSIGNED PA
mnt-by:       RSPC-MNT
notify:       <a href="mailto:hostmaster@rackspace.com" class="bb-email">hostmaster@rackspace.com</a>
changed:      <a href="mailto:hostmaster@rackspace.com" class="bb-email">hostmaster@rackspace.com</a> 20011213
source:       RIPE

person:       Sharon Burns
address:      112 East Pecan street,
address:      San Antonio, TX
address:      78205
address:      US
phone:        +1 210 892 4010
fax-no:       +1 210 892 4329
e-mail:       <a href="mailto:sburns@rackspace.com" class="bb-email">sburns@rackspace.com</a>
nic-hdl:      SB9442-RIPE
notify:       <a href="mailto:sburns@rackspace.com" class="bb-email">sburns@rackspace.com</a>
changed:      <a href="mailto:sburns@rackspace.com" class="bb-email">sburns@rackspace.com</a> 20000405
source:       RIPE

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it seems they're also black listed as spammers. real noble businessmen these people are.

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I would not recommend being agressive towards Ultra Search at this point. There is a good chance they will simply return the domain, once properly notified.
As Suzanne eluded to; the most important thing is to let others know of this forums' new address.

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I'd like to stress the fact that we don't want any vigilante action taken. If we are going to get the domain back, it will be through legal channels. The administration is already active in this processes.

But feel free to talk about this and spread the word. And don't forget to mention the new .net address. Wink

Mark Hensler
If there is no answer on Google, then there is no question.

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This may be a silly question, but has anyone e-mailed or called Ultimate Search? Also, we need to fix the logo to .net. Wink

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I think it was left for Chad to do any contacting.

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Marchex just bought all the domains (200,000) from ultsearch for $164 million dollars. Marchex is a publicly traded company in the US so contact with them is MUCH easier than ultsearch directly. I have been cooresponding with 3 attorneys there and any webmaster wishing to get back their domain that might now have the domain contact listed as dns@ultsearch.com should consider reaching out to the 3 attorneys at Marchex:

Good luck. By the way, Marchex asked me to pay to transfer the domain that contains my trademark and I will not be doing this.

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Thanks a lot for the update, metheme. We do hope to get our domain back someday Smiling Could you tell us how much they wanted to get your domain back? Thanks.

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