So... who's in charge?

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I just have a simple question, who's in charge of the forums now? I am asking because I want to switch my old banner out (because I don't run the site anymore.)

And don't you have to maintain 4 posts a week to keep your banner up? There are quite a lot of banners up there and not a lot of posters:eek:

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you can put a banner up for posting?

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Sure can Ben, you can read the rules here

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You should contact Megan for any operational purposes. Smiling

As it stands, Chad Simper (still MIA) is admin of the forums. Mark Hensler is on extended leave. Megan was promoted when Chad disappeared the last time, so she has some magical powers we don't. Wink

We're (well, Megan is Smiling) working on stabilising the leadership as Chad isn't able to tend to this place, really. Hopefully this will be settled soon. Until then, direct your admin queries to Megan. Smiling

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