Revision to rel=nofollow policy

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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that we recently made a change to how links inside posts are treated in the forums. As of yesterday, links inside posts for members who have less than 25 posts will have the rel=nofollow attribute applied. Once you reach the limit of 25 posts, the rel=nofollow will be removed.

This was necessary because of the number of members who would post promotional links inside their posts, to get around the nofollowed signatures. You have probably noticed the "links removed" message in a lot of posts.

If people are found to be abusing this policy (e.g. posting junk to get to the 25 post limit) we will be able to move them to a special users group where the nofollow would continue to be applied to links. So don't try it! Wink

Have a nice day!