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Wanting to get some feedback on my current site, I read up on the Website Critique Area forum rules first...
There are two stickys in the Feedback Forum

The top sticky states:

Quote: ......*New* As of July 12, 2005 you will be required to review other sites before your own request will be approved.
Three reviews are suggested, but even one good, thorough review may be enough.......
...If you post two sites, you are expected to do 6 reviews......

Then in the second sticky it states:

Quote: Review Other Sites - You are required to review at least three other sites before your own request will be approved


Does this count as ONE of my required three website reviews? Laughing out loud

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Personally, I think that the fact you've been around awhile, even though you have few posts, is enough. What that attempts to avoid is people signing up and screaming for help on their design... I think.

It's not my call, but that's what I would say.

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hmm, that is how I would view it too.

I suppose the other advantage is everyone helps eachother. It will make people who might not give advice to others and only ask for themselves a shove to return the favour. Even from decent and active members, this is possible.

I have reviewed trixies site before for her, and a few others.
If it's required that I still do it's no problem, I probably will anyway while I am posting in this particular thread.

My question is, if you have to submit 3 reviews for other peoples sites before you submit your own, how the hell did it ever get started? As they do as well...

think about it.....

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Hahah good point.... If I were you, I would just post anyways and see what happens.

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Really, it's down to the person who is managing the queue at the time, if the mod/admin feels that you have satisfied all the criteria, then, it will be approved.

As a general rule of thumb, I look for three recent (within the last two weeks) reviews or one decent (and recent) review before I allow a thread to go through to the public.

Therefore, I would advise that you review a few sites first before (or after) submitting your thread for review.

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Yes, it's really kind of subjective. If I feel like the person has made an effort I'll approve it. This was a new rule in 2005 - before that reviewing other sites was not required. We were getting a lot of people who seemed to be just spamming and not actually requesting feedback. This is a way to make sure people are actually serious about getting feedback, and it makes sure that other sites get more reviews.

I also make more execptions for people who have been around and posted a lot in other areas. If someone is giving a lot of valuable help in other parts of the form I'm not going to demand that they review other sites.

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