Our Wedding photos are up!

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Here they are:


(For those of you who weren't around, JeevesBond and I were married on June 9th. We met on this forum!)

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Looks like it was a great wedding, and you two look great together! I wish you two the best in your marriage.

Erm, I believe the banner on that site needs a change...Sticking out tongue


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Well, who says that geeks can't look glamorous? You make a great pair! Congratulations.
What a wonderful setting, too.

May your happiness last forever.

Cordially, David.

Cordially, David
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Ooooh, nice photos, you have a good photgrapher there... Hey Meg the one in blue, is that your Twin?

What I noticed in the wedding pics is how you and Liam look alike, Congrats and Best wishes to you, and thanks for giving us a share of the event through your blog...

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Thanks everyone! That is my sister in the blue, and the two girls are my neices (my brother's kids).

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