New policy on quality of post content

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After much deliberation we have decided to implement a new policy on post quality. Over the past few years this forum has been overwhelmed with poor quality, incoherent, repetitive content. Because these posts don't fit the definition of "spam", we have allowed them to remain. However, the overall quality of content on this site has steadily declined, and in order to improve the situation we have been forced to take more drastic measures.

From this point forward, low quality posts will be removed from the forums.

For new topics this means:

  • Questions that could be easily answered with a search (e.g. "What is CSS"?)
  • Posts that invite repetitive, meaningless responses (e.g. Which is better On-Site or Off-site Optimization?)
  • Content that has been posted on more than 2 other forums
  • Vague or too-general posts (e.g. "I need help with HTML".)
  • Posts that otherwise don't invite actual discussion

For responses this means posts that are:

  • Incoherent (doesn't make sense)
  • Repetitive (the same or very similar to other posts in the thread)
  • Copied from other sources
  • Don't directly respond to the original question and/or ongoing discussion
  • Posted to very old threads without significantly adding to the discussion.

In general we are looking for posts that are genuine and contribute positively to the forum atmosphere. If we get the impression you are posting solely for personal gain (e.g. signature links), your posts are more likely to be removed. If you have any questions about this please post here or contact me by PM.

If you believe your posts have been removed unfairly, please contact me by PM and I will review the situation personally.

This policy is retro-active. Old posts may be removed according to this policy.