How did you find us?

search engine (looking for webmaster forum)
33% (5 votes)
search engine (looking for something else)
7% (1 vote)
link from another site (please say which)
27% (4 votes)
referral from a friend
13% (2 votes)
other (please describe)
20% (3 votes)
Total votes: 15

He has: 377 posts

Joined: May 2005

google was how I foudn this delightful corner of the internet. Dunno if I'd be here if I used mSN instead. Go Gooooggle!!!!!

They have: 17 posts

Joined: Jul 2001

Don't know... Either from a search engine when I still used them or from when I was Admin at Sitepoint's community and kept an eye on any and all competitors.

Recently though it was from Megan's signature link at TAZ.

vBulletin Support -

They have: 0 posts

Joined: Jul 2005

I'm a member at TAZ and clicked on through your sig.

Roo's picture

She has: 840 posts

Joined: Apr 1999

I can't was way, way, way, way back when JP Stones had just started this site!

02bunced's picture

He has: 412 posts

Joined: May 2005

I came from a referral on

teammatt3's picture

He has: 2,102 posts

Joined: Sep 2003

I think I was searching google for webmaster forums and I stuck around because the forum was not for profit.

demonhale's picture

He has: 3,278 posts

Joined: May 2005

Well I think you have an Old URL before where I have been reading before, which I found accidentally when I went to fix a Systems PC on one machine, the browser was already showing THAT site, so I copied the URL to see whats interesting...
Then the site reappeared after a couple of dead links, and see familiar names again, this time I joined in on the fun...

Abhishek Reddy's picture

He has: 3,348 posts

Joined: Jul 2001

I first found it through John Pollock's old PageResource/JavaScript City forums years ago. I had heard something about a forum merge between that place and this so I checked it out. Noticed some familiar names like John Pollock, Vincent Puglia and mmi and lurked for a bit. I eventually grew tired of PageResource and registered here. Smiling

(I might have recalled the sequence of events in the wrong order somewhat, hrm.)

He has: 698 posts

Joined: Jul 2005

I was searching for a webmaster forum because I was just starting to get into website design and needed a place to learn some more and ask questions and that sort of thing.

I have been here for a while and slacked off a bit when it came to posting, but now I'm no longer MIA, I'm back in action! Laughing out loud


They have: 5,633 posts

Joined: Jan 1970

I did a search for "webmaster, tools, britney spears, number green and tree".
The results where...
- Webmaster forums
- Sex with animals

So I ended up here.

Renegade's picture

He has: 3,022 posts

Joined: Oct 2002

Abhishek reffered me here Smiling

He has: 270 posts

Joined: Jan 2005

i don't know
or why
or why I stay here..but I do..

JeevesBond's picture

He has: 3,955 posts

Joined: Jun 2002

Well, it was the webmistress who referred me here all that time ago. Was really busy and nearly became one of those people that joined but never posted - obviously things turned out a little differently! Laughing out loud

Thanks by the way webmistress! Wink

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