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I'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot.

I tried to use a signature line in a prior post on this site. I wanted to add my name and my web address as a signature as I've seen on many posts.

What I go was the html printing so a link to my site was shown as

Cyril Kearney
Faster Web Sites

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Did you find the spot to edit your signature? It's in the control panel under settings & options > edit signature.

Once you're there you'll see a dialog box for the signature. There should be some formatting controls there that will let you add links and stuff. To add a link, just select the text you want to link and click the little globe with the link icon. Then you'll get a box asking for the url.

These buttons write a modified version of HTML called "BB code". You can find out more about that here. There should be a link to that next to the edit boxes but unfortunately I keep forgetting to put it in!

Before posting your signature, you should check our signature guidelines (Scroll down past the advertising bit).

Let me know if you have any more questions.

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thanks Megan for you very prompt reply

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