Has anyone received any PM spam lately?

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Please do report if you do. We have noticed some suspicious PM activity among some of our users lately. However, short of going into the database and looking at this person's private messages we can't really tell if the messages being exchanged are spam or not. Obviously, we do want to avoid reading members' private messages if at all possible.

If you receive any messages by Private Message or through email from this forum please do report it. We do take spamming through the forum very seriously and will be disciplining any members we catch doing this. To report a spam PM, simply forward the message to Megan or JeevesBond (you can just click the forward button and type our names into the recipient box). By email, forward the message to admin@webmaster-forums.net

Thanks for your help!

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Could we just post in this thread instead? users can then see if a certain spam pm has already been reported or not.

Just to save you and JeevesBond from getting masses amounts of pms/emails about the same spammer
Just the username and message subject/title, then if you see one in here you haven't received an email/pm about, someone can send you a copy of the whole pm.

It's obvious what's spam and what's an actual genuine private message from another user, so it's not like we would be posting peoples details that we should care about, and who cares if we name and shame spammers, people who didnt get the pm will know to avoid their company/website as well Laughing out loud

BTW, I noticed the user who spammed me has been banned, so I don't need to let you know unless you actually want to keep a record of how many users received the pm.

Just a thought...

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That's a great idea, Greg! Nothing like public humiliation Smiling

Five users were banned earlier this week. Two were directly caught spamming by PM. All of them had the same IP address (same person, same PM message). I had suspicions about two of them for weeks but couldn't catch them in the act.

The baffling thing is that they are dumb enough to send them to the mods and admins. I didn't get one myself but several of our moderators and Jeevesbond did Shocked That's not the first time that has happened either.

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