free directories topic?

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hi all

is there some topic with directories listings? I have some free
directories and I would like to show links


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Well, you could do a search but we would probably consider those posts to be spam. If you go around looking for places to put your link then that would be considered spam here and would be deleted.

We have a very strict policy about posting your own links. The one you posted earlier is okay because someone specifically asked for it.

Here's a link to our rules for more about what is and is not allowed:

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Chiazna if your website is Seo friendly and you are New then may i suggest you see the two links i left in the "10 ways to promote thread". You will find that most forums do consider such threads as spam if not related to subject matter as Megan pointed out.

If you would like increase your website directory traffic then a suggestion that you join the two links i provided and see if your sites cant be listed. I have just made the silencer list for all my directories and im overwelmed with submissions and will soon have to go to paid directory if i cant keep up. We are a valueable resoure to webmasters and forums alike,but due to carlessness on the part of some our image gets stained.

There are many forums available to you so that you may advertise your website "Directories" try this one you will get many submitters in that forum as it is specifically designed for us. I have others you can also join just PM me for details.

thank you

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thanks, biz-giant for the link on digital point

I am really interested in such topics on forums, I am looking forward for more links

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