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Do you have useful knowledge to share with others? Have you used an interesting technique on your website recently? Have you researched, learned, and applied new information that you can now share with others?

Of course you have! And we need your help! A Padded Cell is looking for articles for publication. If you don't write well, don't worry! Our editors are here to help. We can also provide tips and advice to improve your article.

What do you get in return?

  • An improved reputation as a specialist in your field
  • A published article you can show to potential clients and employers, improving your authority
  • A couple of nice, juicy, one-way, high quality backlinks in your author bio
  • The satisfiation of knowing that you've helped others learn something new

More information about contributing content to A Padded Cell can be found here:

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i have learn so much this past month and i am sure i can share spme of my knowledge but i would have to know what kinda business and what kinda of personalities, age, culture the business is trying to target and if you dont know i would check what kinda color personality my customers are and depending on that i can use that to make my website very attracting to the personality or personalitites with higher percentage of my customers.

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