Is anyone else having problems with this site on Mac?

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For some reason all my browsers are crashing when I try to use this site on my Mac. It seems to be okay when logged out but whenever I try to do anything (post, moderate stuff etc.) it crashes. Same thing in Safari, Opera and Firefox.

I'm not sure if it's a problem with the site or if it's a problem with my computer. I was having weird flash issues the other day too.

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She has: 11,421 posts

Joined: Jun 1999

Hmmm... everything seems to be okay today Confused It must have just been a temporary problem.

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It's the fan-bo...errrr, fan-person detector we've got built into the site. If it detects that you're using a Mac and that your level of smugness about doing so has reached a particular level, it crashes your browser.

It's for your own safety and for the good of the Internet. Too many people clogging up the Intartubes with overly-smug 'just get a Mac' messages, you see. It seemed you may have succumbed to the Mac cult for a few minutes there. Smiling

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It seems a temporary problem, I cannot open some post here just now

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