Advanced Search Issues

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The directions on the Advanced Help page are inaccurate

for example user search:

user: searches

This operator is used to filter results by user name.
Sample: user:pjames

should be "user: pjames" with a space

the tids search does not seem to work at all

I tried searching for "tids:1000002" which should have produced results for Web Design and Graphics:

Also types does not seem to do anything:

types: searches

Use this operator together with a list of types (separated by the + symbol) to get only results of specific content types.
Sample: types:story+page

I am trying to create a query to return a result of projects by a particular user.

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I've re-enabled the default Drupal search now, although that won't help with your trying to get an index of projects, it does resolve the other problems.

We were using an alternate search for a while, as it had permissions checks and the default Drupal search didn't. Seems that's been fixed now though. Smiling

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