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The PERL Script of the Week is intended to help you understand and implement basic scripts on your web site...I thought about doing this on the way home from work, so this first script is a bit more of a snippet, but useful...

Previous Page Link

Save the line below to a file named (or .cgi if your host is so configured) and upload to your cgi-bin or scripts directory.


<!--#exec cgi=""-->

#File Start


print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
print "<a href=\"$ENV{'HTTP_REFERER'}\">";
print "Previous Page</a>\n";

#File End

While quite simple, it offers you a way to add a link that is not JavaScript dependent. history.go(-1) for example will do a similar job, but requires JavaScript.

Until the next Script of the Week, post you your PERL and CGI questions and suggestions here.

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